Just Wait (part two) - Understanding Procrastination
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Karen Gray CH, RN

If you have ever had the thought that you were wasting time or putting things off, then you have been procrastinating. Most people feel some tension when they think about procrastination. We view it as a bad thing, as something to be avoided. But what if we have been looking at it all wrong?

Let’s talk about some of the ways that we can think about procrastination differently.
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Karen Gray CH, RN

Karen Gray is a Registered Nurse, a Certified Hypnotist, and the owner of Green Mountain Hypnosis in Lebanon, New Hampshire. For more information on how you can use hypnosis to change your life, you can visit www.greenmountainhypnosis.com, or contact Karen at karengray@greenmountainhypnosis.com, or call (802) 566-0464.


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