Tal National from Niger

Travel to Niger - Without Leaving the Upper Valley

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Tal National in Concert this Friday in Woodstock

What could be better than traveling the world and experiencing various cultures first hand? However, not everyone has the finances or ability to go and explore the world.  Luckily, GlobaLocal has made it possible for part of the world to come here to Woodstock.

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Tal National, a musical group from Niger, performs THIS Friday at 8:00 at the Woodstock Little Theater.

A Bit of Information about Niger:

Niger is a landlocked country in Western Africa at the southern tip of the Sahara Desert. Take a listen to the music of Tal National and you’ll instantly recognize the unique sounds of Western Africa. Of the 17.8 million people live in Niger 95% identify with Islam. Interestingly,  French is the official language although there are many languages spoken in Niger.

Tal National is performing this Friday at 8:00 at Woodstock Little Theater. Ticket prices are from $15 – 40. The sliding scale for tickets makes it possible for people from many backgrounds to be able to attend the concert.

Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and family to the culture and music of Niger. 

Recording of Tal National

Woodstock Little Theater (Next to the Recreation Center Building)

54 River Street

Woodstock, VT 05091

Friday, March 2, 2018

Doors open at 7:30 PM  concert at 8:00– 11:00 PM EST

Tickets $15 - 40

Link to Purchase Tickets

Location of Niger

Bouza_ A Village in Niger

GlobaLocal Presents: Organizer of Tal National - High Energy West African Rock n' Roll!

    GlobaLocal is focused on enriching our local community by presenting world class musical artists from around the Globe in unique settings that encourage both dialogue and dancing!

    We believe music should be accessible to all, and present our shows with a sliding scale ticket price so that as many people from the community as possible can enjoy these shows and interacting with the artists. 


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