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George Moltz

An Alternative to the Cone of Shame

              According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the state of Vermont has the highest percentage of pet ownership in the USA. 70.8 % of Vermont households feature at least one pet, according to the AVMA statistics. (Interestingly enough, Massachusetts was dead last in the rankings.)

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            Most of us would do just about anything for our pets. Many Vermonters I know treat their pets practically as children, and there’s no denying that animals are a vital part of many families.

            So when the “Humdinger Hound” had to undergo surgery last week, and was sentenced to ten days burdened with the dreaded “cone of shame,” we were seeking alternatives. Granted, our dog is beyond crazy except on his best days, so we are dealing with a special head case here.

Fortunately, by total chance my brother’s dog in California had just undergone a very similar surgery. He found a special inflatable collar that was much more comfortable for the dog, and generally prevented him from licking his wound.

We found no such collar in Vermont. However, with a little imagination we cobbled together a similar device – using two human travel pillows, the ones people use to sleep on airplanes (this is a good sized dog).

The results? It worked pretty well! Combined with some Benadryl, and some watchful monitoring during his most active times, his wound seems to have healed – and it was a super-quick recovery psychologically. He was able to be his usual nutty self within hours of the operation, and we didn’t have to deal with the insanity of managing the cone device. It’s all good now. 

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