Women Breaking into Dance in Malawi

Be A-LIVE: Dance!

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Move Those Feet - Dance!

When I was in Malawi a few years back, I was amazed by the freedom of movement in the women I got to know. No one was still when there was music. The kids I spent my days with created music all day long. Movement came naturally. Fast-forward to New England and I see a different view of movement. What holds us down and still in our seats? Is it the years of schooling that taught us to sit still? Challenge yourself to break out of this mindset. 

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Freedom in movement brings joy.  Who doesn't need more joy in their life? DANCE!

Here are some opportunities for dance tonight. The list is thanks to Dave Clark and Yellow House Media.  If you are not on his email list, you should be. He provides a wealth of information about what is happening in music, art, and theater throughout the Upper Valley. Check out his website to get on the weekly email list, or check the website for the daily calendar of events.

Dave Clark and Yellow House Media 

SATURDAY, February 24

Out On A Limb performs at Brockleband Craft Brewery in Tunbridge, VT 2pm to 5pm

Matthew Evans at Big Fatty's BBQ in WRJ - Live Music every Friday and Saturday night 6pm to 8:30

<$> Ted Mortimer at The Public House at Quechee Gorge - Rt 4 - 7pm. YHM members get 10% Off All Food

Upper Valley Dance at The Richard Black Center, Hanover NH - 8pm to 11pm 

<$> New Nile Orchestra performs at The Skinny Pancake in Hanover - 9pm YHM Members get 10% Off Food Anytime. 

<$> Boneshakerz at Salt hill Pub - Lebanon - 9pm. YHM members get 10% Off All Food after 8pm.

<$> Whiskey Crossing at Salt hill Pub - Hanover - 9pm. YHM members get 10% Off All Food after 8pm. 

<$> Chad Gibbs at Salt hill Pub - West Lebanon - 9pm YHM members get 10% Off All Food after 8pm.

<$> Newport's Got Talent at Salt hill Pub - Newport - 9pm. YHM members get 10% Off All Food after 8pm.

The Wheelers at Windsor Station - 9:30pm

Note: YHM = Yellow House Media


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