Candidates (3-Year Seat) Address Development of Route 5 South/River Road

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Part 4. One of the issues that the 2018 Selectboard must face is the adoption of the Town Plan and the 'fate' of Map 11.  The final hearing and Selectboard vote on it might happen by the end of March.  As a voter, do you want further development of Route 5 South/River Road stopped, encouraged, studied or something else? The responses of the candidates for the 3-Year seat are below. 

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4. Question:  What are your views regarding the possible establishment of a new mixed use zoning district in the Route 5 South and River Road areas?

Mary Layton

There has been a lot of emotion regarding the possible establishment of a new mixed use zoning district in the Route 5 South and River Road areas. I do not favor large developments with hundreds of units because they will put too much of a strain on town services. On the other hand, I think positively about mixed use development when sitting at the patio of the Norwich Inn in the summer. I know that within walking distance are homes, apartments, a fantastic general store, restaurants, a library, a public safety facility, parks, trails, a book store, the post office, and the Town Hall. What is not to like about that scenario? It would be helpful to know in regards to the Route Five South and River Road areas whether there is genuine value to residents to have mixed use development. I think it clearly would raise taxes, which is not good. I am not sure what specific type of development could be seen as being worth an increase in taxes to the majority of residents.

Marcia Calloway

Such an area could irrevocably change and possibly environmentally harm the entire east edge of town. The proposed new town plan continues to segregate that area, 1.3 percent of the town, as a separate “planning area.” As it abuts the village area, and is not otherwise explained in the vague text in the plan, the foundation is laid to apply for designations which can allow for Priority Housing Projects, which require a minimum of 4 houses per acre, and allows loss of Act 250 protections.  Residents have not had opportunity to decide if they want that type of massive change.


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