Boston Blogger Takes on the Upper Valley

Known for sharing the best local hidden gems in New England, this blogger is taking on the Upper Valley!

In March of 2017, Renee Hirschberg and her husband Ryan were heading back to Boston from last day of their ski season at Mount Sunapee. They wondered together how they could make it happen, how could they move up here. Renee, an alumni engagement professional and New England based blogger, laughed that there was only one position in New Hampshire/Vermont for her, and what are the odds it would ever be available.

The end of a March 2017 ski day, with no idea what the next year had in store!

Four months later, Ryan and Renee packed a U-haul, said good bye to the hustle of the city and the blogging community Renee had bonded with, and moved to the Upper Valley of New Hampshire as she began her position as the Director of Alumni Engagement at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, the one job that could bring them here. 

How did you start blogging?

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As far back as I can remember, I was creating "fictional books" for my parents, complete with yarn bindings and full color crayon drawings. I turned my pre-teen author stint into my undergraduate collegiate focus. However, my creative energy was diverted as I entered the world of experiential market, post graduation, and began writing stories through experiences instead of written words. In 2010, as the world adjusted from the financial collapse, I diverted my career into the world of higher education. During these first years in higher ed, my position was more administrative than creative, and I created Eat.Live.Blog and began blogging to fill the void. Ten years later, and in a higher ed position that gives me many outlets for creativity, writing is still an essential part of who I am. 

What is your proudest moment as a blogger?

In 2010 I also started a group called the Boston Brunchers, in which I worked with marketing agencies and local businesses to host events for bloggers to experience the business. After 2 years of helping bloggers and businesses connect, the Boston Brunchers was profiled on the front page of the Boston Globe. While the article contained quite a few inaccuracies, and there was quite the social media conversation that was fueled by the article, I could not be more proud of my pinky finger pointing loud and proud on that front page!

Boston Globe, Sunday Food Section, March 7, 2912

What do you love most about the writing you do?

I am energized by having an inside track that I can share with others. When I find a new restaurant no one knows about, try a new product that hasn't taken flight yet, or discover a truly unique festival, and I fall in love with it, I cannot wait to share that with anyone who will listen! Writing allows me to share that information with anyone and everyone who is looking for those hidden gems and insider tips. 

Joining spontaneous caroling during Woodstock's Wassail Weekend is definitely uniquely Upper Valley!

What are you most looking forward to writing about in the Upper Valley?

I am most excited about the new places, people, and businesses my writing will lead me to. I cannot wait to know all of the farms, which restaurants are worth traveling to, and what local products I can't live without, as well as the stories behind them. There are so many incredible adventures ahead of us here in the Upper Valley, and I can not wait to get them started! 

First climb up Mount Cardigan


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