February Sugaring, Handwritten Letters, and Dog on Patrol: 5 Stories We're Loving This Week

You know you live in the Upper Valley when it’s 70 degrees one day, and snowing the next. Topsy-turvy, bittersweet times here in late February sum up our favorite stories in the feed this week.

Carl Russell of Earthwise Farm and Forest in Bethel checks for mouse damage along his 300-tap pipeline. (Herald / Bob Eddy)

The Randolph Herald checked in with a number of maple tree farms to see how flows the sap. Says Rick Wright of Bethel, “It’s absurdly early in the year to be tapping trees.” And Dave Phillips of Sunny Brook Farm adds this for some uneasy perspective: “In all my generations on the farm, we’ve only boiled before Town Meeting once before.”

“The Platter of Life” blogger Cindy Pierce waxes nostalgic for a time when we hand-wrote and mailed letters to one another, and in those letters recorded all the highs, lows, joys, and sorrows of our lives. In this digital age, Pierce says, “Without clear and accessible evidence, I wonder how people will accurately assess their own growth over time.”

It’s the end of an era in Bethel as Whitcomb High School, soon to close as a result of a new school district merger, played—and won—its last home basketball game. “Resilient Clover” captured the special moment when “one very special graduating senior would get to celebrate the win with his very proud Grandfather W., a graduate of the class of 1958,” which was the year Whitcomb High opened.

When the warm spell melts the snow and there’s nothing to clear, some folks find other, less advisable uses for their shovels. A woman in West Lebanon did, anyway.

Blesk with his partner, Senior Officer Jeremy Perkins

And the Lebanon Police Department, who bid a tearful farewell to K-9 Max after his courageous battle with cancer back in December, have welcomed a new four-legged member to the force. Meet K-9 Blesk!

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