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Angkor Wat In Woodstock

After living in Asia for twelve years, I am ALWAYS craving the nutricious and delicious tastes of my adopted lands. It’s hard to find the authentic tastes from South East Asia in Vermont. Maple syrup - yes.... a good Thai curry - not so much ..... until Angkor Wat in Woodstock. 

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Some friends suggested we go tonight, but I wasn’t too excited because of past disappointments. However, I was estatic when the dishes came out and I got my first taste! Heaven! (To be truly authentic, everything would be spicer, but for the American crowd it was perfect!)

Can’t eat fried food? Want more veggies? Try Angkor Wat in Woodstock! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. (Now all we need is a good vegetarian restaurant.)

Angkor Wat

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