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Part 3. Here is a question from the 2005 Planning Commission survey. (Hat tip to Stuart Richards.)  Responses below are from the candidates for the 3-Year Selectboard seat.

3. Multiple Choice Question: What would you like to see happen to the population of Norwich?   Please select one and if you want, explain your choice.
A. Reduced significantly
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B. Reduced some
C. Remain relatively stable
D. Grow some
E. Grow significantly

Marcia Calloway

My choice is not represented in the options.  I would like to see the population of Norwich thrive organically.  To that extent, I would answer both C and D.  Remaining relatively stable in a world which is increasingly fragile and unstable is as much as most, and more than some, countries could hope for.  Growing “some,” as long as it is natural and sustainable is probably wise.  A family and a community will do well to take care of its members, welcome new members, and ensure there is enough stability for all.

Mary Layton

I would like to see the population of Norwich grow some. The current level of growth is about seven households per year. I am particularly interested in seeing some affordable housing units. I would not like to see a large jump from the present growth level, and I think it would be helpful to think about growth both in terms of ten year impact and in terms of a study to show what number of units triggers a large jump in infrastructure costs.

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A candidate forum, sponsored by the Norwich Women's Club, is scheduled for Tuesday, February 27 at Tracy Hall from 7 to 8:30.  


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