Cheers to Brewing Beer
Ended April 15
April 15
5:00 PM — 7:00 PM
Price:  $40

Brew Class 102

Designed for beginners or brewers with a couple brews under their belts, this 3-part class will get you started and ready to brew on your own. In the first session we will design and brew a beer based on the group’s consensus - almost any style is a possibility! You will learn how to reverse engineer a brew and put together the recipe, plus step-by-step hands-on brewing experience. In the second (shorter) session you will transfer the beer from the primary to secondary and get focused information on equipment, storage, and conditioning. In session 3 you will prime and bottle the beer and see options for packaging, storage and labeling. You will go home with a six pack* of the beer you have brewed. *Depending on class enrollment… Participants in this class will get a 10% off coupon for the purchase of their own starter equipment kit. There will be a $20 Lab Fee for this course, paid directly to Lebanon Brew Shop.

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