Keep Cozy and Stay Sane At Home

Spring is almost here, but how can we get through the last stretch of it?  Here are some ideas to keep cozy and stay sane right at home.

Binge watch some TV shows and Take Out

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Here are plenty of recommendations to keep you entertained) with some tasty take out from one of these recommended places:  Chinese Take OutRestaurants that Offer Take Out.  Not into take out?  How about sticky buns, cupcakes or a homemade sandwich?  Here's a list of where to get these locally.

Pizza, Beer and Fun

Order pizza and buy some locally made beer at one of these locations.  Try one of these image quizzes or traditional trivia.  I'm all about the food trivia!    

Fun from When You Were Young

Play a board game.  If you're new to board games, try these.  If you want to rent a board game at Black Moon Games, try one of these recommendations.  

Learn or Do a Hobby 

I just took up crochet and embroidery again.  I made a weird looking potholder that looks more like a kite, but I'm working on potholder attempt #2 and proud of myself that I at least finished something and it was halfway decent.  

I'm thinking about visiting the French club sometime to practice my French, so I'd like to take my husband up on the offer to refresh our language skills from high school together online.  

If you're looking for hobby ideas or other activities to try, I wrote a post on beating the winter blahs.

Have a Beat the Winter Blues Party

Make a specialty drink like one of these wintery warm drinks.  You can also make appetizers, and play group games to mix it up.  Here are some ideas; I especially like the minute to win it for groups or couples.  I hope to do this someday.  Now that I live closer to my friends, this could be real possibility for some great fun!  Need fun ideas for how to decorate for winter party?  This article has great ideas like using a sled for a center piece and colors to use.  

I want to make these! Polar bear hot chocolate and polar bear cookies.  Okay, really I want to do just about everything in this article: make the jack frost drink, pinecone centerpieces, snow globe cookies and more.

Have a Cooking Party

Okay maybe this is just me, but I really enjoyed cooking with my friend and splitting the leftovers (and the cost).  It was nice to chat and make yummy food.  My friend said it was great to have so many meals to take home.  You could do easy freezer meals.  Want to throw a freezer meal party?  This article has pictures and lots of recipes like twice loaded baked potatoes. Yum.

This article talks about themes and things to consider when hosting a cooking party.  

My favorite cooking with friends article talks about the practical ways to make it fun and manageable like not trying to do too much and making sure all the recipes take about the same prep and cook time.  

It's been a crazy winter with all these storms, but I hope you've gotten a lot of ideas to keep cozy and stay sane during this series.


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