Snow shovel fight brings police to West Lebanon parking lot

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Woman reportedly fled over the bridge into Vermont

WEST LEBANON - Police are looking for a woman who grabbed a snow shovel and chased a man around the parking lot of the Circle K convenience store before allegedly trying to run him down with her car shortly before noon on Tuesday.

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    Lebanon Police said the man and the woman apparently knew each other but hadn't seen each other in years when they happened upon one another outside the doors to the Circle K at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

    Several witnesses inside the store said they heard "screaming and yelling" and saw the woman grab a snow shovel that belonged to the store from where it was leaning up against the front of the building and begin chasing and hitting the man with it before he managed to grab it away from her.  At that point, the witnesses said, the woman jumped back into her car and drove straight at him before he was able to jump out of the way and she "took off at a hundred miles per hour toward Vermont."

    Although the woman had New Hampshire license plates, police on both sides of the Connecticut River were radioed to be on the lookout for her vehicle.  Lebanon Police officers at the scene said they believed they had her name and identifying information and that, if they are correct, she is a Lebanon resident.

    The man who was assaulted ended up being searched and taken into custody at the scene because when officers ran a check on his name he turned out to have a warrant outstanding for his arrest, police said.

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