Get Lost in All the Talent at the "Best of the Upper Valley High School Exhibition"

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Tom Haushalter

Last Friday evening, AVA’s main gallery space quickly filled up with people of all ages. Some arrived by the yellow school bus-full. All came to celebrate the artists whose work was selected for the 10th Annual Best of the Upper Valley High School Exhibition. 

Featuring 140 works of art from 139 artists representing 16 different high schools in the Upper Valley, the exhibition is an impressive showcase of the breadth and depth of creative young talent in our region.

The gallery on Friday was tinged with anticipation as the artists, their families, and friends awaited the awards ceremony, announcing the winners and honorable mentions in each of 14 categories, from analog photography and painting to woodworking and wearable art.

Patrick Dunfey, Head of Exhibitions Design and Planning at the Hood Museum of Art, juried this year’s exhibition. In his remarks, reflecting on how much fun he had spending time with “so much great work,” Dunfey encouraged all the artists, winners or not, to “take a moment to think of the accomplishment of being part of this show.”

And because art is an act of sharing and community, Dunfey urged everyone, “Tonight if you see work you really like, find the artist and introduce yourself and share that with them." 

AVA congratulates this year’s High School Exhibition winners in each category: 

Analog Photography - Ryan Blackden, Newport High School, Grade 12
Black and White - Rachel Xia, Kimball Union Academy, Grade 10
Ceramics - Yuhe Zheng, Kimball Union Academy, Grade 12
Digital Art - Caleb Hazelton, Lebanon High School, Grade 11
Digital Photography - Mina Nguyen, Holderness High School, Grade 11
Digital Photography - Quinter Johnson, Newport High School, Grade 9
Drawing - Hannah Young, Thetford Academy, Grade 12
Best Environmental Message - Ethan Trombley, Newport High School, Grade 10
Mixed Media - Sean Gaherty, Ledyard Charter School, Grade 11
Painting - Tobias Bannister-Parker, Proctor Academy, Grade 12
Portraiture - Camie Rediker, Woodstock Union High School, Grade 12
Printmaking - Jacob Slaughter, Thetford Academy, Grade 11
Sculpture - Olivia Kinnett, Mascoma Valley Regional High School, Grade 12
Wearable Art - Coreen Carly, Kimball Union Academy, Grade 12
Woodworking/Design - Andrew Harrell, Proctor Academy, Grade 11

The High School Exhibition runs until March 9 at AVA Gallery and Art Center. Here are just a few of the works to discover and enjoy:

"Fissure" by Yuhe Zheng, grade 12, Kimball Union Academy  (Photo: Tom Haushalter)

"Dad" by Camie Rediker, grade 12, Woodstock Union High School  (Photo: Tom Haushalter)

"Untitled" by Jessica Gravel, grade 10, Mascoma Valley Regional High School  (Photo: Tom Haushalter)

"Untitled" by Poppy Tans, grade 10, The Sharon Academy  (Photo: Tom Haushalter)

Photos by Michael Seamans unless otherwise noted


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