Jason Parker, co-owner of Angry Goat Pepper Co., stands in front of some of his company’s award winning hot sauces in a new and improved facility at 240 South Main St. in White River Junction.

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Angry Goat Pepper Co. all fired up about upgraded facility

Roberta and Jason Parker know that it takes just the right amount of heat and passion to make their award-winning pepper jams and hot sauces at Angry Goat Pepper Co. at 240 South Main St. in White River Junction.

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But “Don’t make the goat angry,” the couple’s brand motto says.

It’s a fair warning: Their products are as flavorful and versatile with food as they are hot, Hot, HOT.

So what exactly goes into making a good hot sauce or pepper jam? 

Jason, 38, agreed it’s a recipe that requires imagination and creativity — not to mention superb flavors and ingredients in just the right amounts and combinations. 

The new retail sales floor at Angry Goat Pepper Co. has all the products made at the company’s upgraded facility.

“It’s a passion,” Parker said. 

After a brief shutdown for renovations in January, Angry Goat Pepper Co. is back open for business in a bright new and improved retail sales floor (250 square feet larger) including a 60-product tasting bar and production facility all under the same 1,600-square-foot roof.

The Parkers say they’re pleased with the upgrades and encourage people to stop in and step up to the bar for a sample taste of their many products. 

The Parkers invite customers to stop in and try their products at a new tasting bar in the retail sales section.

While some like it hot, some like it really hot, and spicy, Jason said. So it’s no surprise that Pink Elephant, Purple Hippo and Red Armadillo are among their most popular —and sought-after — hot sauces.

The company currently operates with five product distributors and is looking to add more.

“There are so many sauces out there that accentuate foods and flavors,” Parker said.

The Parkers are especially fired up about their two newest hot sauces and their first mustard. All three products were released in 2017. 

The couple plan to showcase their products at a trade show in Albuquerque, New Mexico in March.

Jason said the trade show hopefully will attract new distributors to enhance the company’s international retail and online sales operations.


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