Candidates On The Budget - 2-Year Seat

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How do the candidates feel about this year’s budget? The responses of candidates running for the 2-year seat are below.

2. On January 10, 2018, the Selectboard voted to recommend to the voters a FYE 2019 Town budget of $4,502,386. Questions: How would you have voted at that meeting on that budget?  Why?  

Robert Gere
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A: Yes. The process was started with instructions to develop a budget that merely maintains services at the same level as this year. Unspent funds return to the public in a way that reduces future tax increases. 

Leah Romano
There are several things to consider when reviewing a budget, including the actual and previous year numbers, projections, exceptions, compromises, etc. I’ve reviewed the budget and the minutes (topics including DPW, listers, % increase, etc.). To the best of my knowledge, and taken all into account, I would have most likely approved the budget. I say this with the hope and understanding that ample time is given to prepare, review, discuss, and possibly amend a budget. Some people in town have expressed to me a concern with what feels like a trend of increases. I’d certainly take those concerns into consideration. 

Claudette Brochu
I would have voted NO. I believe some of the Designated Fund appropriations were not justified given the balance in the fund as well as a lack of clear understanding what the funds are being set aside for. I also believe there were specific line items in many departments that were not justified. For specifics, see my memo to the board. 
Mini questionnaire responses to Part 1 - attendance in person - are here and here

A candidate forum, sponsored by the Norwich Women's Club, is scheduled for Tuesday, February 27 at Tracy Hall from 7 to 8:30.  


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