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Temperature Spikes Not Unusual in Mid-Winter

            It’s a little freaky to contemplate temperatures predicted to hit the 60’s on Wednesday! But, that’s Vermont weather for you. Looking back on this winter, it seems as if every holiday stretch we’ve either weathered (ha!) bitter cold (Christmas week) or balmy and rainy (Martin Luther King Day weekend). So, why not 60 degrees over what is winter break for many schools in the area?

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            What’s interesting, though, is that this is not at all unusual. It’s surprisingly easy to find reams of weather data online, and a quick glace at the statistics provides some excellent perspective.

            Just last year, for example, Rochester hit 66 degrees on February 24, and 64 on February 26. March began in much the same fashion, with a high of 66 again on March 2, 2017.

            But any sort of trend? Um, no. For the rest of March, Rochester never got above 50 degrees, and on March 12, 2017 the local high temperature was a frigid 9 digits.

            Moreover, two years ago in 2016, on the evenings of February 14-16 Rochester’s temperatures plunged colder than 14 below zero three nights in a row!

            So, enjoy the break in the weather if you’re not awash in melted snow, but remember that even if the sap does start running soon, spring is going to take its time arriving.  

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