The Greatest Show on Earth!

The Greatest Showman at Pentangle Arts

The Greatest Showman

Did you ever want to run away and join the circus? When I was a kid the circus came to my town and set up in a large field right across from my house. My sisters and I watched the set up and the reality of the harsh life of the performers. Although we could never have afforded to pay for a ticket to actually see the show, we got a peek into the magic behind the Greatest Show on Earth.

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The story of P.T. Barnum, in The Greatest Showman, echoes the magic in our dreams along with the harsh realities and rewards that come when we reach beyond what society expects of us. It is a movie worth seeing, or seeing again, on the big screen. 

It's playing this weekend at Pentangle Arts in Woodstock. Pentangle is a lovely old theater that takes you back to days gone by when life just seemed simpler. Take a mini-vacation. Escape to the circus and dream the dreams you had when you were younger. They might inspire you to take a risk in a fresh new direction. 

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