Smoke Balloons, Frost Heaves & Palak Paneer: 5 Stories We're Loving this Week

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Tom Haushalter

It got warm, didn’t it? Between the melting snow and melting hearts on Valentine’s Day, we’ve all had our fair share of slush and mush over the past week. 

Tempting as it is to grasp at signs of spring, our favorite stories from last week remind us what’s just right about right now in the Upper Valley.

Even frost heaves. “Poetic Licence” blogger Dave Celone gives us a useful primer on this perennial phenomenon that causes asphalt to buckle and crumble.

From the Randolph Herald, we meet Olivia Swayze, who is living her dream. A freshman at Sharon Academy, Olivia’s shares the thrill of being cast in Northern Stage’s upcoming world-premiere production of “Only Yesterday."

In the “Passive Aggressive Kitchen,” Priyanka tells us about “the best North Indian food I’ve ever had in my life,” and does us a huge solid by recreating that magical dish.

“Home in Hartland” reminds us how lucky we are to gaze up at the night sky and “see what seems like all of [the stars].”

And the Woodstock History Center keeps our gazes upward, imagining the smoke balloon parachutists who wowed audiences of the bygone Windsor County Fair.

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