Corner Shop Needed in Downtown WRJ - Empty Storefront AVAILABLE!

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Anita Hamalainen

The Design L'UV post A Plea for the Polka Dot really got people talking. As a huge fan of downtown WRJ (because I'm too lazy to write out "White River Junction"... oh no, yet I totally just did), it was thrilling to receive feedback that others share my hometown enthusiasm.

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Following the response from my plea for the Polka Dot, I'm calling upon investors and developers to consider the empty storefront next to Planned Parenthood on South Main Street. Let me paint you a very pretty real estate picture... it's around the corner from Northern Stage, just a stone's throw from my favorite salad bar at Big Fatty's, within spitting distance of Revolution and Tuckerbox. Intrigued yet? Did I mention the new apartment building under construction so close you can taste it? (See below for photographic evidence.) What is that expression realtors use? Oh yeah, location, location... I forget the third one.

Imagine this storefront with HUGE picture windows and no diagonal "vertical" siding.

While chatting with a downtown resident who has a longer memory of the area, I discovered this storefront used to be a convenience store. Now, he laments, there's nowhere downtown to pop in for a cold soda and a few groceries. While there are restaurants nearby, as well as a long walk across the bridge to the White River Co-op, local residents have no easily accessible shop for a few staples.

I bet we can remove that dropped ceiling so those windows would POUR in light. Those pesky columns are probably ornamental, so we can take 'em down and really open up the retail space.

(And yes, I peaked in the front door for this photo.)

How about it? Anyone interested in bringing back a charming downtown corner shop? I envision an old timey Five & Ten kind of operation. Perhaps the shopkeeper can sport a huge handlebar mustache and boot spats. I see dried goods, soft drinks, and other useful sundries. Oversized jars of hard candy lined up on shelves like an apothecary with a sweet tooth. A soda shop and ice cream counter?! How about the Lyme Country Store just relocates to downtown White River? You Lyme folks won't mind, right?

The squeaky wheel gets the grease and this squeaky wheel is angling for a summertime ice cream cone in downtown White River Junction.

I mean, WRJ!

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