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Experimenting and Learning

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Two years ago I threw up my hands and declared that I wasn’t going to let Canvasworks run me any more! After more than 20 years, the business had evolved into a beast that left me with no time to explore, try and learn from mistakes. I spent the better part of my days dealing with the business end of things and when I did get a chance to paint it was usually a floorcloth of a design I had previously executed dozens and dozens of times. With great trepidation I closed down the Blanks business (the source of several hours of computer time every day) and vowed to focus on my “art” and step back from the production.

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It has been a wonderful journey. Now I start my days with a doodle and each week I create a painting of whatever I want. Ideas for drawings and paintings come at me throughout the day and I try to grasp them as they flutter by. I allow myself to study other people’s work- to really look at it and figure out what makes it tick- and most importantly, I allow myself to just create. Whatever. Whenever. My spirit is lifted. I’m curious again and I am able to see things I had been shut down to for so long. I go for walks and revel in the colors  and shadows and shapes.

This week’s painting was a complete experiment. After studying old paintings of farms and landscapes I decided my paintings needed to be darker. So I underpainted one of my canvases on board in a greenish gray. As I brushed the paint on I thought, “Yikes! How is this ever going to work?” How was I going to show blue sky on a dark, greenish gray background? I kept going. And the result totally took me by surprise. Suddenly I have a mysterious, peaceful, moody meadow, drifting off to a cool, distant rolling mountain in the background. And that sky… whatever happened there, I’ll take it! There will definitely be more of these to come, but the biggest thing I learned by painting this was that it’s OK to take a chance. It’s OK to try something I’m not sure about. The worst that could happen is that I have to repaint the board.

Life is exciting. Art is one giant experiment. Enjoy the journey!

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