5 Ways to Bust Through the Winter Blahs! Tip#4

Hello! Ted E Bear here! Did you guess? 

If you said Vitamin D, YOU'RE Right!

The three things in my wagon are ways of getting your Vitamin D. Or you can take a supplement. Or make it from the sun. But winter, wearing sunscreen, staying indoors a lot all interfere with the body making enough of it. 

More and more scientists are finding that a deficiency in this vitamin relates directly to the winter blahs - depression and low energy along with a whole lot of other maladies.  Studies show that adequate levels of this vitamin can drastically lower your risk of developing diabletes, cancer, inflammation, auto immune diseases. 

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But don't take the bear's word for it. Hop on over to this article by Dr Mark Hyman which is complete with links to major studies that support the importance of vitamin D to your overall health. It's an easy read and Vitamin D is inexpensive and readily available in certain fish and in supplements. You can ask your doctor to test your levels if you are unsure.

See you tomorrow for one last tip !!

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