Single? Valentine’s Day?

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Treat yourself to some fun on Valentine’s Day!

Yes, you’re single. There are no flowers delivered to your office desk. No one to spend a romantic evening with. Ho- Hum....

BUT...Love is a wonderful thing and besides romantic love there’s brotherly love and love of community. Deep, enduring friendships can, and often do, last longer than romance. Celebrate the day with a friend. If you don’t have a good friend locally, spend some time considering how you might develop a friendship. Or spend extra time building community with others. 

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And there is self- love and care. I grew up thinking self-care was not such a good thing. It’s taken me years to unlearn this falacy. We need to care for and love ourself. So, if you are alone on Valentine’s Day celebrate with yourself! Want chocolate? Buy the most expensive bar you can afford. Want flowers? Buy the most beautiful ones you can find. Want to go out? Northern Stage in White River Junction still has tickets for the show: Only Yesterday.  It about the Beatles,John and Paul, being stuck alone in a hotel room during a storm. A friend of mine went last weekend and said the play was fabulous. There are isolated seats still avalilable throughout the theater for Wednesday night. The advantage of being a single is that you only need one seat. Talk to the people you sit near and make them into new friends! 

Love! It’s Valentine’s Day!

Northern Stage in White River Junction


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