5 Ways to Bust Through The Winter Blahs! Tip# 3

To build a SNOWBEAR??? 

I'm Ted E. Bear and I've found that making a snowbear is a great way to beat the blahs !

Don't forget to add a sign! Make a statement!

Wish a neighbor a happy birthday!

Make it an early Valentine for your sweetheart!

Get the kids to help!

Put some birdseed on your snow bear's head and take a picture of who comes to visit!

Today's tip is to suggest letting go of your resistance to winter.

An old sage said, "All suffering arises from the wish that things would be different than they are."

And the best way to let go of your resistance is to have fun!. Right in the here right now.

And if building a snowbear is just not for you, keep scrolling. There is a lot of fun going on in the Upper Valley this weekend and likely just the thing for your enjoyment.

Leave a comment below about what you are doing to have fun this weekend!

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