Bethel Mt. Mayhem

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  It's back. Again. Every year, a little more than a mile from the bottom of Bethel Mt. Road, a prodigious frost heave magically appears, one that will tear the muffler off your Subaru if you don't throttle it down well in advance. This is no mere pothole - it stretches all the way across the road, so you literally can’t miss it. The town marks it and all, and anyone who travels that road knows exactly where this hazard is located. Yet it's still a wonder - because before Irene it was there, and the storm completely washed out this part of the road. If you remember, crews came in and had to totally rebuild this section of pavement - but that pesky frost heave has still come back every year since, as reliable as baseball spring training and tax season. Surely someone more educated than myself could explain this phenomenon, but to me it's a freak of nature. However, it's also a welcome sign, more reliable than a groundhog, that while it may take a while, winter is indeed starting to come to an end. Where’s the largest frost heave that you come across regularly? 

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