5 Ways to Bust through the Winter Blahs! Tip #2

Submitted 10 months ago
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Joyce Amsden


Ted E. Bear here for another idea for getting through winter with your smile on !

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Tip #2

Get out there and get moving!

Go for a walk! Dust off those snow shoes and find a meadow or a trail! Go sledding! Walk the dog! Anything will do! And here are some additional tips:

Dress for it. Try snow pants. They are worth it! You can find them at Listen, Salvation Army, LLBean, EMS, Huberts. They are a complete game changer. Or don some long johns or some flannel lined pants. Be comfortable. Get grippers for your shoes if it's a bit slippery.

Go outdoors first thing in the morning! Take just 10 minutes and walk at a good clip and BREATHE! You will be refreshed and ready for the day in a whole new way! You will likely also feel warmer.

Invite a friend or a neighbor to come along! Company is good for the soul.  

Pick up the pace! Get your heart moving. Feel your spirits rise as those endorphins get pumping.

Look around you. Notice the colors of winter. I used to see black, white and gray. But if you really look, you'll see there are many shades of gray and green and white even stunning blue on a sunny day. Notice the new snow on the ground. Did you know that the Inuit ( sometiems referred to as Eskimo) have 100+ words for snow. Some of them are really fun, so have a look. Then leave a comment below as to what you think this last snow was.

Are you resisting these ideas? The you have a clue to tomorrow's tip...

See you tomorrow!!


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