What Does Race Have To Do With It?
Ended April 05

When this course was first offered in 2007 it was called “Immigration - Melting Pot or Boiling Cauldron?” It is now clear that the discussion about immigration is not only a boiling cauldron, but that it contains a poisonous ingredient - race. Identity and race have always been factors in shaping who should enter our country, but today we see more emotion than reason. We will look at many of the issues that are frequently misrepresented and misunderstood such as chain immigration, “illegals,” birthright citizenship, the “right” people, border security. We will consider the economic costs and benefits of immigration and how other countries handle immigration and refugees. We will look at immigration laws and visa categories, the history of American immigration, humanitarian concerns and politics. Immigration is an issue that could be resolved with good will and reason. The course will include brief lectures and discussion. There is a reading packet for this course: required reading will be between 20-25 pages per session.

EVANGELINE MONROE is a retired foreign service officer whose first tour of duty was as a visa officer. She took a systematic look at immigration in 2005 when mass demonstrations protested (failed) legislative attempts to convert immigration misdemeanors into felonies. Events and the national discourse in 2017 convinced her that a closer look at the race factor could not be avoided. She has led over 20 courses at OSHER@Dartmouth on various topics.

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