Tal National from Niger make their Woodstock debut March 2nd.

High Energy West African Rock 'n' Roll in Woodstock Vermont

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A Launch Party for GlobaLocal Presents

Rockstars in their home country, Tal National play to sold out stadiums in Niger, and the organizers of a new music series are hopeful that they might just sell out the Little Theater in Woodstock, Vermont next month. 

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For the past 15 years, Tal National has made a name for themselves touring across the desert of Niger, where they have become beloved for their epic, irresistibly-danceable, high-energy, 5-hour-sets. Representing many ethnic groups in the country; Songhai, Fulani, Hausa, and Tuareg, Tal National draws from the rhythms and languages of many traditions; Perhaps it is for this reason (along with their impressive musicianship)  that they have such a strong appeal in their home country.  

Their appeal proved universal when their 2013 album, Kaani’, and shortly after ‘Zoy Zoy’ caught the attention of a global audience, and brought them to the US for their first tour.

fRoots Magazine said;“They are the living embodiment of dizzying swing, masters of tempo control, with a combustible energy that is electrifying live!" and NPR's Anastasia Tsioulcas  said "there's no way you won't dance to this one."

The single Akokas off their new album Tantabra, already picking up positive reviews.  

Now, with the release of their Third Album, Tantabara, which comes out today, February 9th,  they will be returning to the US for a nationwide tour, stopping in Woodstock, Vermont on March 2nd for the inaugural presentation of GlobaLocal Presents.  

GlobaLocal is a new project I'm excited to be part of with a focus on enriching our local community by presenting world-class musical artists from around the globe in unique Vermont settings that encourage both dialogue and dancing. 

Project founders Zach Niles and I both grew up in Woodstock and Barnard respectively, and we share a mission to unite people through music and to bring more global music to our hometowns. Niles has made a career for himself bringing international music to western audiences; as co-director of Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars, and currently as manager of the band Lakou Mizik of Haiti, he makes his home between Haiti and Barnard. With GlobaLocal he’s excited to be shifting his focus to his own region and is clear about why this new venture is important as he says, “I don’t know a better way to connect people than music. Across divides of language, culture and religion music brings people together in mutual appreciation and joyful abandon. I think we could use a whole lot more of that these days!” We first collaborated in 2016 when we presented Lakou Mizik at Feast and Field Market a unique outdoor farm venue where I coordinate the Thursday BarnArts Music Series.

Presenting Diverse Acts: At Feast and Field, we present everything from local folk musicians, to touring national acts and international acts. No matter the artist, coming together around music and food is a great way to connect people, but whenever we’ve presented groups from outside the US, these tend to be most powerful concerts for many, and there’s a real hunger for this kind of connection in this divided world. It doesn't matter if people speak the languages spoken by the bands, people are moved by their music--and literally moved to dance. Even though we may not live in an area famous for its diversity, when we present diverse acts it brings people out who might not otherwise show up. We've had Mexican migrant workers show up for concerts by the Villalobos Brothers, from Veracruz Mexico and a local Venezuelan population showed up last summer for Betsayda Machado e la Parranda el Clavo from Venezuela. It sends a message to people living here that this is their space too.  

Presenting on a Sliding Scale:

With the belief that music should be accessible to all, and that artists should get paid fairly, all GlobaLocal Presents shows offer sliding scale ticket options so that as many people from the community as possible can enjoy these shows. Ticket prices range from $15- $40 with the hope that people will pay what they can. Financial sponsors and in kind donations from businesses including Haystack Needle, Mon Vert, Discovery Bicycle tours, Worthy Kitchen, Eastman Farm and Feast and Field. 

Feast and Field's Fable Farm will be serving their award-winning wines, and other wines and local beers.

Get your tickets here: 

What's next for GlobaLocal?  

To be determined. Possibilities are endless! We'd like to see how this first event goes, but we want to continue to bring groups like this year-round to engage with school workshops and rocking dance parties!  

Want to help make this a success?  Share this post on social media, and engage with our Facebook invitation page! The more engagement the more people will see it.  


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