5 Ways to Bust through the Winter Blahs! Tip #1

by Guest Blogger Ted E. Bear

By Ted E. Bear

Hello, DailyUV Readers! 

For many years I hated winter. It was a slippery, cold, dreary, lonely, boring time and by the end I was a sad and grumpy bear. So much so that one winter I hired a life coach just to get me through. What I learned changed my life and here I am to share with you:

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5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs

Tip # 1 : Get together with a friend over a cup of something warm.

Get in touch. Stay in touch. A long time ago, John D. Bear said, "No bear is an island." Our need for 
Love and Connection is one of our most basic needs and winter has us rushing out and hurrying back. We stay in more and see others less. So ask yourself, who could I invite to take a coffee, cocoa, tea break with me?

Maybe you can't get together right now. Then send a card. An email. Make a phone call. 

Maybe you don't feel like you need to connect. But I bet you know someone who does. An elderly neighbor who can't move about so easily in winter. Someone who is going through an illness or a loss. Someone who gets the blahs in winter. You know who I mean. Get in touch with them.

Take some cookies. That book you know they'd love. A bag of healthy groceries. Something you made. Shovel their driveway. Bring them a hot coffee. Get creative.

And I bet you'll find, even if you do it for them, you'll feel your spirits rise.

Stay tuned for 5 Ways to Bust Through the Winter Blahs - Tip #2!

See you tomorrow!


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