Cloudland Farm, 1909

Short history of Cloudland Farm

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Elton Smith starts a farm

"In 1892, Elton Smith set about his dream of creating a self-sufficient farm by systematically purchasing eighteen adjoining properties—mostly small farms along a dirt road on the south-eastern side of Pomfret, Vermont. Smith created a 2,000 acre spread, which he named Cloudland Farm. The entire farm employed as many as thirty workers in the summer; one picture of its sawmill in winter shows ten men. Presumably many more were needed in those days before the present age of modern mechanized equipment .Under the guidance of a farm manager steam-powered butter churns and other example of the latest equipment of the period were produce the butter made in its own creamery from the milk produced by its 200 registered Jersey cows. The farm also produced and sold maple syrup and sugar; ham and bacon —the latter from its many Berkshire pigs. It also supported a large flock of Southdown sheep.

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As the farm reached very close to self-sufficiency, thereby proving his point, Smith seems to have tired of the experiment and in 1909, he sold the entire farm to Nathaniel Henry Emmons of Boston, MA, After searching all over New England, for the best farm of its size to give to his son, William B. Emmons, Nathaniel chose Cloudland for which he cheerfully paid Smith $25,000."

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