"Peaceable Vermont II" ©LCM2018

Thinking of Spring!

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When piles of snow surround you...

It's been quite a winter, huh? Actually, if it's gotta be winter, I'd just as soon have snow to play in! Yesterday my horses (and donkeys) seemed oblivious to the cold and just enjoyed fluffing around in the white stuff!

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I went snowshoeing in the morning to walk the dogs, then cross country skied with my husband in the late afternoon, when the snow had really piled up! The rest of the day was spent finishing up this week's painting. It's called "Peaceable Vermont II" and features my kids- Kate and Pepe and the two little donkeys, Abner and Thor. It portrays a warmer, sunnier time and the restful old barns on our farm. Read more about it at  http://conta.cc/2EsrJFM and while you're there, you can sign up for a chance to win a free print in a twice a month drawing.

Pepe (and the donkeys in the background) enjoying yesterday's snowstorm.


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