Verizon Wireless Goes To Norwich School Board On February 13

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Verizon Wireless will make its pitch to the Norwich School Board at its February 13 meeting to erect a replacement utility pole and small cell antenna on the Green, the front lawn of Marion Cross School. See prior posts here here, here, and here.  The Chair of that Board said in an email that a  "decision will not be made at that meeting as we are still gathering information and wish to hear any questions or concerns of board members and/or the public." 

Location of replacement utility pole boxed by red square.

Verizon Wireless has made two changes to the easement of note. First, the telecom will pay the School District $2400 a year, up from a one time payment of $1000. However as the easement has a perpetual term and the annual payment does not escalate, the value of this payment will decline with inflation. In 2099, it might be worth nothing. 

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Second,  as previously reported, the easement permits Verizon Wireless to install equipment in any “shapes, sizes and configurations.”  As revised, material changes to the equipment size require School Board consent, "which shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed." This change may or may not adequately protect the School regarding the aesthetics of the installation. 

My next post will more closely examine the proposal taking into account the revisions to the easement.  


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