Do Fisher’s Scream?

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I started my Sunday workday very early in the morning. With coffee in hand I headed to my studio. As I sat quietly sipping coffee, checking emails and thinking of the painting possibilities ahead, I heard outside my studio window an animal cry. A cry that was quite deep reaching a crescendo not once but twice! Doubting what I had heard the first time I paused to attentively listen. Yes, the second cry was even more forceful or maybe I was just more surprised? A Fisher scream? We don’t really know if a Fisher really does scream. A red fox bark? Wasn’t a bark. A Bobcat? In the stillness and darkness of the very early morning one’s imagination can create so many possibilities.  Could have been as simple as a Feral cat but not nearly as exciting. So much amazing nature inhabits our woods. A houseguest was awoken by the same cry so I had witness. We may never know for sure what animal produced such a call to action, a warning, or battle cry, but on the spirited walk down the driveway yesterday morning, headed out for a run, I was quite vigilant and aware trying to identify the many paw prints in the new fallen snow but no conclusions drawn…

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Maybe the animal world was trying to tell me something, predicting the outcome of the Super Bowl? Knowing in just hours we would all be screaming?

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