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Hello and welcome back to WRJ Tarot Musings!

I thought I'd take a moment this week to talk about learning how to read tarot.  There are many ways to go about this but for me that ideal way is to simply get a deck, read whatever instructions for card meanings come with it, and just do readings for yourself every day.  Branch out, look at some books and websites and learn other interpretations of the cards, learn a spread, or multiple spreads, compare and contrast these, draw your own conclusions, and allow these to inform your interpretations.  One more advanced method of learning is a variation of a practice called pathworking.  Take a card, study the image on it, then imagine yourself stepping in to the scene on the card and becoming part of it. Don't try to control what appears in your mind from this, just let things well up from there. If you interact with a figure in the image what happens?  Explore the scene, look at whatever objects may be there and see what you can learn from that.  It's like a freeform method of daydreaming geared towards learning about the card.  I've done this multiple times for every card in the tarot over the years, and have another round of it planned, and its always brought new insights to me every time.
But, really the best way is hands on- get a deck and start doing readings, learn the meanings of the cards, experiment with different spreads and just learn from that and see what the tarot itself can teach you too.   
So what can the cards tell us this week?  This time we're using the Tarot of the Imagination.
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First card- universe/big picture- Seven of Wands- purposeful beginning, contemplating action, honing a skill
Second- point of view- Ace of Wands- action, energy, new beginnings- good in context of the first card
Third- the meeting point of the first two- High Priestess-stillness, wisdom, intuitiveness. An interesting turn but not incompatible with the first two cards. There can still be energy in stillness.
Fourth- active influences- Hermit- withdrawing to seek wisdom and insight- here we see a connection with the previous card. 
Fifth- passive influence-.Three of Swords -pain, sadness, though within some contexts involving attempting to lift this condition. This could definitely serve as a motivator. 
Sixth- current, where things are going or can be directed- Page of Wands  - beginner's mind, enthusiasm for learning something new.  So far this spread seems on track
Seventh- comment on the spread-  Three of Cups- friendship, camaraderie. This works as a comment on the spread- something that may not serve as a direct part of the topic but could still use pointing out. This could perhaps play off of the fifth card, or possibly serve as part of the energy touched on in the second and the sixth cards.
Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation- Two of Cups-harmony within the self and/or harmony between the self and the world. I see this as means of manifestation, playing off of the first card's contemplation
Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation- Six of Wands- optimism, flurry of activity, productivity, usually with help from friends, therefore playing off of the seventh card
Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth- Eight of Cups-change and movement, distillation of the elements that one needs in order to move on.   
Key card- Hierophant- teaching, wisdom, ideas, typically but not always gained from an external source.
Sequences 1, 2, 3  and 6,7,8  - the first of these represents initial creation being directed and then beginning to form in to something that can begin to be understood, of only on an intuitive level at this point. The second represents moving from the transrational to thought and emotion- in other words, similar to the 1,2,3 but on a more solid level.  We have two threes, as above, representing the creative forces initially taking form. These come from the suits of Swords and Cups, mind and emotion.  
We have four Wands, representing Will and creativity, three Cups, representing emotions and relationships, two majors- represent spirit and abstract concepts, one Sword, representing the mind, but no Pentacles, which represent the material manifest world. 
WRJ Tarot Musings out. See you all next week!


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