An Upper Valley Q&A with Kate Bascom

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Kate Bascom

      Meet Kate-  An Upper Valley Native, Millennial, and Prolific Listicle Writer 

 What are your Upper Valley Credentials? 

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 I was born at Dartmouth Hitchcock and raised in Royalton, Vermont. I did live in Western Montana during my college years, but moved back at 21. I’ve played alto sax in the South Royalton Town Band for 14 years, can navigate to the maple milkshakes at Tunbridge Fair blindfolded, and tell you the best times to avoid traffic on 12A. I’ve been a resident on both sides of the river. You’d be hard pressed to find someone with better Upper Valley knowledge than me.

What’s it like moving back to the Upper Valley like as a young adult? 

 It was a weird experience. Of course I knew my way around town and recognized many adults, but my friends from high school were no longer living here, so from a social standpoint, I had to start from scratch. Honestly, it didn’t feel much different from when I first moved to Montana. That also said, the plus side was that I’ve gotten to explore places in the Upper Valley that I had no idea even existed. Trues Ledges for example, I went shopping in West Leb my entire life but had no idea that there was a stunning waterfall just past Home Depot.

  What Upper Valley business trend are you most excited about?

 Unquestionably, the uptake in coffee shops. For the two and a half years I lived off the green in Lebanon, I longed for a place within walking distance where I could relax and drink delicious yet instagramable lattes. Six months after I moved to Enfield, Lucky’s Coffee Garage opens, and it’s seriously some of the best coffee I’ve ever drank. Even my little hometown of Soro is going to have First Branch Coffee Roasters open soon right on Chelsea St. It’s actually going to double as an Upper Pass Beer tasting room. And while I hope for the success of the independent shops more, I will say without shame that I was the eighth customer to grace the West Lebanon Starbucks.

 So you’ve proved you’re knowledgeable about the UV, however you’re a millennial.  I know that means you’ll do a good job spreading avocado on toast, but how does that make you a good writer?

Brevity is the heart of millennial communication. We text instead of call, spark revolutions with two word hashtags, and laugh at memes all day long. That said, concision and wit are my strengths. I waste no time getting to the point. My message will be clear and my readers chuckling by the time it takes other writers to finish an introduction.



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