Skiing helped calm our Super Bowl nerves…

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"You want a prediction about the weather? You're asking the wrong Phil. I'm going to give you a prediction about this winter? It's going to be cold, it's going to be dark and it's going to last you for the rest of your lives!" quote from Bill Murray in the movie Ground Hog Day. I happen to be a fan of winter especially living in Vermont. Just like Bill Murray’s movie Ground Hog Day I could relive this winter weekend over and over again…well, let’s see how the Super Bowl goes before I truly commit to that statement!

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From running in a snowstorm to skiing, skiing and more skiing I loved every moment! Conditions at Suicide Six were amazing! Seven of us skied the day away…new skiers, a fearful skier and a mix of skiing experience rounded out the rest. Periodically checking in with one another over the course of the day while some were taking lessons and others enjoying all the trails Suicide Six has to offer.  Stopping for lunch the chatter was lively, faces brightly colored from the cold and plenty of smiles surrounded the table. We all felt accomplished and content with how our morning effort had gone and were looking forward to the afternoon on the slopes.  We headed out for a couple more hours, to our preferred trails while making sure that we would all reconvene in time to meet back at the Suicide Six bar. Discussions and decisions were made about who would snag a table near the window ready to watch the Tubbs sponsored snowshoe race up the face of the mountain!  Banners were up, the registration table busy, music playing in the lodge with the warmth of the fireplace glowing. My husband and I had seen this event before but no one else in our group had. You know how when you talk about something you found of interest or exciting it becomes bigger and better with every conversation about it?  I was a little worried we might have over sold this race to the top but happily we hadn’t! The group was as amazed and captivated as we were when we watched the athletes take off up the mountain! An extraordinary and extremely impressive effort by all. The winner made it look easy and as we headed home miles down the road we passed him on his cool down run looking as effortless as his climb up the face. Amazing!

Flakes are falling now…ski bag packed and ready!

Yup, a New Englander I will always be…

                                                              Go Pats!!!!!!!


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