Maple Maple Everywhere! Local Maple Producers and Their Food Specialties.

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Katie Donovan

It's almost time for Maple Syrup Month in March! Only a couple weeks away until the season officially starts in NH (March 10 - April 1), with Maple Weekend March 24-25th.  

We are so lucky to have so many wonderful maple syrup producers around here.  I think there should be a maple syrup festival!  I can see it now.  Maple syrup on snow, maple goodies, friendly maple producer competition, maple syrup tasting, maple syrup tasting flavor votes, hands-on demonstrations, kid's activities, and more.  Any takers?  

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I digress.  A lot of the local maple syrup producers sell similar products like maple syrup, maple butter, maple candy etc; however, each has something special to offer or an especially popular product.  Here are some products to try.

Raymond Sugar House. Maple candy and maple butter.

Sugarbush Farms in Woodstock. Maple cookies, maple pepper seasoning, maple sugar, and maple drops.

Mac's Maple in Plainfield. Maple creamee, maple cotton candy, or maple kettle corn.

Taylor Farm in Meriden.  Garfield Cheese, maple fudge, and maple caramel corn

Silloway Farms in Randolph. Maple sugar almonds.

What's your favorite local maple product you would recommend?


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