Upcoming Live Music Acts to See in Upper Valley (with video clips)

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Katie Donovan

Ask around for bands to see and you'll get a variety of answers but there are some local bands and musicians that you gotta see. Who knew that my simple post asking for recommendations of bands would create a list of over 50 great musicians and bands?  We have such a great live music scene, I selected the top 11 based Facebook likes.  

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You can also read where to catch live acts at my post Live Music in the Upper Valley.  For more recommendations, I'll be posting a series of posts on my website Upper Valley Fun.  The first is recommended rock bands, which has these and more.


The Conniption Fits

The Conniption Fits are a local favorite with over 8000 Facebook likes.  Their music has been featured on MTV and they have opened for Train, the Wallflowers, and others.   They are both covers and their own origincal music.  They have their own albums you can purchase as well.

They'll be playing at the Skinny Pancake in Hanover on April 27 and Salt Hill in West Leb. on May 5th.

The Pilgrims

The Pilgrims often play at the Windsor Station and have over 1000 Facebook followers.  They play their own stuff and they have funny and quirky videos.  They're a garage band and some of the songs sound like a mix of rock and ska.   I bet they'd be an entertaining show if the video below is any indication of their personality on stage!  You can buy their cds too.

They will be playing at the Windsor Station along with Shy Husky this Sat. April 21st at 9:30 pm and with Moxley Union at the Engine Room on Sat. May 19th at 8 pm.

Moxley Union

Moxley Union plays bluesy rock originals and play all over the Upper Valley.  So you can easily check out a show at the Windsor Station, Skunk Hollow, or Taverne on the Square to name a few venues.  They're on my list to check out for their unique lyrics, great sound, and smooth vocals and I'm not alone, with just under 1000 likes on Facebook, Moxley Union is a definitely must see.
Moxley Union will be at the Engine Room on Sat. May 19th at 8 pm.

The Road Trash Band

Adventuresome and creative!  This is what comes to mind when I think of RoadTrash Band.  In order to describe their unique genre, it's best to come from them: "The Roadtrash Band brings its rugged, unique sound to your favorite classic rock, rebel country, cow punk, thunder-boogie and beer-soaked bar jams to the Upper Valley and beyond."  Think original rock and roll and country covers with punk rock twist.  They'll have an album out soon and are entertaining people of all ages with over 700 Facebook likes.

They'll be at the Windsor Station Fri. April 20th at 10 pm. 

Dance, Funk, R & B, Soul

Party Crashers

The Party Crashers offer their audience a variety of music from Motown to modern pop and consider themselves a multigenerational dance band.  They definitely get the crowd dancing.  I'm blow away by Hillary Leicher's vocals and like the addition of the saxophone to the band's upbeat tempo.  Check out a show and yourself to one of the 800 fans on their Facebook page.

They have a lot of upcoming shows: 

Skunk Hollow April 20th 9 pm- 12 am
Puerto Rico Stray Dogs Benefit Concert at the Engine Room May 6 7-8 pm
May 19th at 9 pm Salt Hill Hanover


Patrick Ross

If I had to pick just one of these musicians to go see, it would be Patrick Ross.  He is a 5th generation  fiddler who has shared the stage with Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.   With almost 5000 Facebook likes and the ability to play 6 different instruments at an incredible speed, it's no wonder he impresses people wherever he goes.  He so impressed people at the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival that organizers made room for him to have his own solo and accompanied another musician after only hearing the songs once.  You can see the vareity of his music selection here.  He also played with a band called Red Fannel which you can see here.  He has multiple cds as well.

After hearing his music I feel in awe. Wow.  He is certainly an impressive fiddler!

He'll be at the Camping and Music Festival in Newbury, VT June 22-24th.


Shana Stack Band

The Shana Stack Band is based in New Hampshire and plays all over New England.   They are leading entertainers in New England (with almost 10,000 Facebook likes) winning awards for band of year and country artist of year, plus multiple other awards.  They sing current country and originals.  They have opened for major acts too like Rascal Flats, Reba McEntire, and Sugarland.  You can see music samples here and buy their music as well.

They will be at the Engine Room Fri. June 22nd 8 pm.

Catch Them When You Can

Some great local bands are so popular they don't play here very often.

Jes Raymond and the Blackberry Bushes

Jes Raymond and the Blackberry Bushes Band is one of those local bands.  Jes writes and leads the band with her fiddler husband.  They tour across the country, but their homebase is right here in WRJ.  You can see more videos here.  They have a cd out as well.

They'll be having jam sessions at the Filling Station Bar and Grill in White River, Tues. April 24 and Tues. May 1st at 7 pm.

Brooks Hubbard Band

People have listened to Brooks Hubbard at Salt Hill in Lebanon and 56 Main in Springfield.  An Enfield native, he entertained locals with his music.  Recently he formed his own band, the Brooks Hubbard Band, and moved out west to venture into the larger music scene in LA.  I like the smooth sound of his music: a mix of folk and rock. He has fascinating lyrics too.  I think he's second on my list of bands to see.

They tour across the country and will be in Burlington on Oct. 21st.  


Funkwagon is not based in the Upper Valley, but in Burlington.  However, they play funk, r & b, and soul at the Windsor Station.  Man, I can see people dancing around to this music.  Join the 2000 people who like them on Facebook.

They'll be back at the Windsor Station Sat. Nov. 24 10 pm.


Sirsy is another band that is not local but plays local.  They play at the Taverne on Square in Claremont.  They received great reviews.  What beautiful singing!  They're a two person band of smooth rock and soul of their own music, but you'd think you're heading more than just two people.  They've opened for Lifehouse, Train, and Third Eye Blind.  Their music has been featured on the show Shameless, and a PBS documentary So Right, So Smart.  With credentials like that it's no wonder they have almost 12,000 Facebook likes.  

Mark your calendar, they'll be back in New Hampshire July 6th at the Taverne on the Square in Claremont.


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