Southern Storyteller Makes a Home in the Upper Valley

Submitted 10 months ago

Laurie Sepulveda is a Southern transplant who’s lived in the Upper Valley for almost 8 years. After her Chilean husband found a job in the area, they moved their motley crew to New Hampshire. “When people hear my family speaking, they must be so confused!” she says. “My husband has a Latino accent, I’ve got a Southern twang, and the boys speak like New Englanders.” Despite their disparate roots, they’ve made the Upper Valley home.

Laurie's family on a recent trip to Chile

What brought you to the area?

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Hypertherm. My husband was thrilled to find a job with such great work/life balance after six years in a work-all-the-time corporate environment in Atlanta. But it was definitely an adjustment to move so far North. When we first moved up, we didn’t even own winter coats!

What’s your favorite thing about living here?

Raising a family in the Upper Valley is the best. This region is filled with people who love the outdoors, take care of their environment, and pour so much into the community. The schools are great and I love being able to go to the gas station in Grantham, our little town, and always seeing a familiar face (or horse-drawn buggy--true story!) at the pump. Summers are my favorites--the pace of life is so relaxed and we spend as much time hiking or outdoors as we possibly can.

Enjoying a rest during a hike up Coniston

If you had a visitor from far away, what’s the first place you’d take them?

That all depends on when they came to visit. If it was beautiful fall, we’d take a hike or go on a trail run in my neighborhood in Grantham, walk around Eastman Lake, or take a scenic drive into Quechee and maybe have lunch at Simon Pearce. We’d pick apples at King Blossom Farm here in Grantham and white raspberries at Edgewater Farm. In the winter, we’d head to Whaleback for some local skiing and afterwards maybe head to Worthy Kitchen for their amazing burgers.  

How do you spend your days?

After spending time with my 10- and 7-year-old in the mornings, I head off to my job as ESOL Teacher at Grantham Village School, my boys’ school, where I get to teach English to speakers of other languages. I have the best students! I also blog about personal finance and travel and I do freelance work in the afternoons.

In my free time, I sleep a lot, read books of dubious literary quality, make and eat large quantities of homemade bread, play board games, and try to teach the boys some Spanish (which has largely been a failure-- guess I’m better at teaching English).

We’re delighted to welcome Laurie to our Storytelling Crew.


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