Goat on a Boat

Goat on a Boat

I don't know why, maybe just because it is Friday...

I was looking at my last post and there was a new picture of a goat.  Thank you Daily UV for adding that - or maybe it is the programmers who set something up so it is automatic.

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Anyways, boat rhymes with Goat - so I googled it.  14.2 million results in .62 seconds.  Then right to the images.  This is a fun group of pictures to look at.  Plenty of goats on boats.  Some very beautiful scenery.  One goat with a big smile wearing its persons hat.  A goat riding piggyback on a person on a bike.  A goat on a inflatable float.

There is a great parody of a Dr Seuss book saying "I would drink a beer on a boat with a goat..."  Instead of Sam I am it is Smashed I am.  This poster is probably not hanging up in any local schools.

I was not surprised  to see a picture of Tom Brady in a boat.  New England's premier GOAT.  Only makes sense there would be at least one...

We love our animal and pets and many times the lines are blurred.  I did once have a chicken who was very friendly and would sit on my lap and watch TV with me.  She even roosted in the closet over night and spent the days outside with the rest of the chickens.  Only stands to reason folks have great pet goats.  Hopefully there are some local stories around pet goats.  We would love to hear them.


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