A Passion Rediscovered Evolved Into A Business

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Why DMGrant Photography grew into a business

    Dawn Grant’s inspiration to start her photography business was necessity. The necessity to have a creative outlet. She had spent most of her life enjoying casually capturing the moments of her family and friends.   During the time when her family was young, her creative outlet laid by the wayside, unfulfilled.  Once she realized that she needed something that was just for her, she began to bring her camera with her everywhere she went, never hesitating to stop when the moment of inspiration hit to capture a moment and turn it into a memory with a click of the shutter. It wasn't long before those around her validated her passion by asking to hire her. 

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    Owning your own business comes with many challenges, Dawn has found a way to stay motivated through it all by focusing, her attention on her clients. Never losing sight of those that are entrusting her with their projects, and memories. To have the ability to make it to every event of her children, never missing a single one, is the constant underlining push that has always existed. She is known to start her day at 5 am, and be up editing until 1 am just to fit everything in, she wouldn’t have it any other way. This full schedule keeps her sharp, well organized, and when layered with a good sense of humor has created a life that she awakens every morning happy and energized to repeat all over again.

    Dawn explains that the essential aspect of her business is the trust she is given by her clients. The ability to not only witness life moments, but to capture them while echoing the essence of the subject. To capture from behind a camera lens, the evolution of a family, or a season, allows her to always keep a genealogical record without the need for a single word.


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