UPDATE: People Are Moving To Vermont

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Earlier this month, I posted about the United Van Lines Study that Vermont had the highest percentage of inbound migration of all states in 2017. Turns out that the study was not very scientific.  Here is what the blog of the Ethan Allen Institute said after interviewing Michael Stoll of United Van Lines:

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Stoll pointed out that the UVL survey was not scientific and was limited to just UVL customers. It did not account for people who used do-it-yourself services such as U-Haul or those who use their own vehicles to move. UVL is a full service, and relatively expensive moving service. Stoll confirmed that the Census numbers are a more reliable measure of what’s really happening in the big picture.

Stoll also revealed some interesting information that was not part of their released report, and that is the reasons why their customers were moving. According to Stoll, the UVL customers moving into Vermont were older and doing so largely because they were retired and/or wanted to be closer to family. Those moving out, however, were younger and did so largely for reasons connected to employment. In other words, they got a job, or a better job, somewhere else. 

The blog post A Red Flag in That United Van Lines Study by Rob Roper, president of the Ethan Allen Institute, is available here: http://ethanallen.org/a-red-flag-in-that-united-van-lines-study/


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