Champlain Valley Expo Aug 2017 - The One’s That Like Me

Vermont’s 84th Annual Farm Show - Small Town Throwdown

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F. Savage

& The Vermont Spirit Award by BERNIE SANDERS

NEWS FLASH: I am pleased to be attending my 1st Vermont Farm Show tomorrow at the Champlain Valley Exposition. This is boasted as the 84th annual! As a former 4-H member/Grand Champion 🐄🏆 I have spent enough time in a barnyard to be able to hold conversation. Also planning to keep an eye out for any of my dad’s old farmer friends from his 20+ years as an AI. When we were young, my brother and I would travel around with him from farm to farm on summer breaks. When we got old/strong enough, we would help hay throw hay through the summers for my grandparent’s farm. (*Find the one stop light in town - take the dirt road from there..found it.)

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The times I have been to the fairgrounds has been most memorable, country shows with my Gram. Then there was the totally separate occasion with a group of 10 to see Willie Nelson perform liveee on stage but at 9 PM (in the dark) in an developed lighting storm⚡️, his son/band also performed earlier that day as part of this all day  “Throwdown”. Literally a month before through the cubicle wall my supervisor at the time said snidely : “Who wants to go to a Willie Nelson Throwdown?” (volley) “ME!!” Bernie Sanders introduced Willie on stage and presented him with THE VERMONT SPIRIT AWARD. Earlier one Randy Houser was kind enough to sign the cleavage of two friends - after we shared a drink in the bar with a new current country star! The luck here = Tequila (and memories). Who’s pumped for Old Dominion 8/24/18??!! Tickets for VIP still on sale. The pit area however, last year was a tight squeeeeze but overall great event - no rain. Who’s your VT spirit award nominee?..A giant shout out to them! and to VT’s farmers/agricultural community - until tomorrow :D 

-catch ya, VT


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