Intellectual Refugee

As we pursued our new life, our new home, our new future, our realtor introduced us to an unfamiliar phrase that he may even have coined...the intellectual refugee.  A combination of words used to describe those of us who did not have the good fortune to grow up in Vermont but instead chose to relocate to the Green Mountain State while looking for and recognizing a life we long for. I have no pretense about my intellect and not completely sure that it is a prerequisite but what was necessary was the want to explore a healthy lifestyle. We had that. The Vermont landscape is extraordinary and unparalleled but the decision to move North was not just about the nature but the people, and an approach to life encouraging us to live more mindfully and purposefully.


What is it about this glorious place called Vermont…the Winter? Yes. Autumn? Yes. Summer? Yes. Spring? Yup, mud season may not be ideal but I promise you every season boosts what is perfect in nature. We decided we would try each season before we put our relocation plan into motion and I am pretty certain we were hooked within the very first season…best laid plans!


Taking a few years to visit and search we settled on the Woodstock area. Chatting about the different properties we were interested in while enjoying ice cream, by the river, as we watched children wade in the clearest water you could imagine… idyllic. I admire the young parents we have met, as they have figured it out…raising children in this environment is perfection.


The first visit, to what would one day be our home, the owners left us homemade applesauce, maple syrup (sugarin’ on premises) and a baked good to sample…yes, that is Vermont. We knew we were ready to make a decision but needed to take a second look at a couple of the properties we had seen.  A tight house hunting schedule planned, we started our day at the sweet little house on the hill and just fell in love. We spent most of that visit hiking up the mountain behind the house with the owner. We learned about the indigenous plants as we hiked, climbing to the lean-to which served as a place to warm yourself after snowshoeing or for sugarin’. We reached the property boarder as we crested the hill and a beautiful field presented itself, and in the distance was simply a roof top…right out of a Wyeth painting.  For us, buying a home in Vermont has less to do with the structure and everything to do with the land it rests on. I rushed down the hill and announced to our broker… we were home.


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