Who are you ?

Q: Where are your roots?

    A : I am born and raised in the heart of the Upper Valley. My childhood home is located within walking distance from historic downtown Lebanon, NH. For the last 10 years I have set roots in my husband’s hometown of Grantham, NH. I truly enjoy my little house in the woods, and small community of Grantham.

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Q: What interests you ?

 A: I always try to keep learning, some, but not all of my interests are; Skiing, Hiking, Creating, Cooking, Volunteering, supporting the arts, antique cars and supporting the youth in my life to name a few.

Q: What keeps you going when life seems to fight you?

  A:  I believe I could write for hours on how to overcome the fight life throws at us from time to time. The single inspiration that never allows me to give up, is my family. My husband and our three daughters have inspired me to get up, show up, and never give up. The motivating factor for me to do scary things ( learn how to ski at 34 ), and to learn all I can, is a promise I gave to my best friend before Leukemia claimed her life, “ I will my life for us both. I will do it all, for you. My life will be the example of carpe diem . “

Q:  What are your biggest accomplishments ?

     A : The biggest accomplishment is when my diagnosis of my husband’s rare disease was confirmed, after a 15 year battle. A few others that I take pride in are; graduating Cume Laude from FPU with a B.A. in marketing at 32, becoming a rare disease advocate, writing a cookbook, learning how to ski at 34, my favorite though is raising three kind, and loving daughters.


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