Distracted Drivers are Dangerous Drivers: How to NOT be one

9 simple tips for keeping your mind on the road.

1. Before starting your engine secure any items that might roll off a seat onto the floor under the pedals or your feet. 

2. Shut off your cell phone, or put it in the airplane mode before starting your vehicle.

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3. Place cell and all other electronic devices in glove box out or out of reach of driver before putting vehicle in gear.  Other places for them are; back seat, passenger side door pocket/tray, or any place where they cannot be reached from the driving position without stopping vehicle first.

4. Set your heater/air conditioning controls before shifting your vehicle into gear. Let that windshield defrost, even if you're in a hurry. This could make all the difference. 

5. Set your mirrors, seats and other controls in appropriate positions that fit you before putting vehicle into gear.

6. Set your navigation system to appropriate mode of operation for the trip to be made before putting vehicle into gear.

7. Pick your tunes before driving - hello driving playlist! Set your station, volume, etc., before putting vehicle in gear. 

8. Manipulate all other controls to set conditions the way you want them both inside and outside the vehicle. Did you turn your mirrors in to fit into a small space? (Looking at you Hanover parking.) Pop them back out! There is nothing worse then realizing your mirrors need adjusted when you are already going 30 mph. 

9. Take a deep breath and relax.  Drive away with the determination not to try and answer the phone if it rings, adjust critical controls while underway, or let anyone or any condition distract you and take your attention off the  primary responsibility you have as the driver of a vehicle……….driving safely and attentively.

 There’s an old adage I was taught while learning to fly, and it applies to driving a motor vehicle as well..………”No matter what happens around you, FIRST AND FOREMOST, FLY THE AIRPLANE,  YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!”.

We all want to see our loved ones come home at the end of the day safe and sound. So please share! 


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