Mr. Bill leads a group of Marion Cross students on Bike-to-School-Day, October 4, 2017

Gratitude is an attitude that gives our life latitude, and I hope that this sentence is more than a platitude. That’s how Marion Cross principal “Mr. Bill” Hammond started off his weekly newsletter before the Thanksgiving holiday. Whether this was an original quote or not, it certainly captures the spirit of the season and the philosophy of our school community.

MCS principal Mr. Bill

The fall was a busy time for our students. It was a time of change – new teachers, new classrooms, new friends – which can be both exciting and unsettling. Now that students have settled in to their school routine, though, they can take some time to think about gratitude and reflect on the relationships they’ve built over the past few months. One way that Mr. Bill has encouraged kids to do this is to make eye contact when speaking with others. He challenged students (and teachers too!) over a two-week period to make eye contact when they greet and speak with people around them. He points out that, “it’s a simple habit that sometimes slides, and with cell phones sometimes compelling our gaze, we neglect the easy but powerful acknowledgment of the nearby people.” The next time you greet someone from school be sure to make eye contact with them – they’ll be looking at you too!

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Bike to School

In the fall and spring, students at Marion Cross School bike together to school from Huntley Meadows. Escorted by Chief of Police Doug Robinson and organized by parent Dan McGinley-Smith, the Marion Cross community demonstrates its dedication to energy-sensitive transportation by riding en masse. The younger children join the group at the Norwich Public Library. This has been an ongoing event for many years. This fall they counted 143 bikes!

Holiday Happenings

It is hard to keep the distraction of the holidays at bay during the school day. There’s just so much going on! This year the school is hosting their annual Holiday Concerts on December 18th and 19th featuring the creative works of grades kindergarten through 6th grade. The PTO has already hosted a Gift Making Festival and students participated in Hanover’s Celebrate the Season event at the beginning of the month. The merriment-making is well underway!


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