Student in Cambodia practices finding creative angles in photography.

World Story Exchange to Collaborate with Lebanon Middle School

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Lindsay McClure Miller

Leadership. Motivation. Spirit. Perseverance. Respect. Integrity. Dependability. Excellence.

Together, these eight words create LMS PRIDE, Lebanon Middle School’s Core Values that students are encouraged to embrace and embody throughout their daily lives. This year the students are incorporating these values through a unique, cultural exchange project. They’ll be embarking on a journey around the world – through filmmaking!

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The World Story Exchange is an Upper Valley based educational program that works with youth and teachers to design and implement unique, documentary storytelling projects. Founded and run by husband and wife team, Scott and Lindsay McClure Miller, the World Story Exchange has traveled around the world to work with students and help them tell their stories. Scott and Lindsay believe that “by exchanging local and global stories, we are able to learn more about one another. By learning about one another, we develop acceptance and understanding of our similarities and differences and discover we share common needs: food, shelter, family, fun, hardship, and community.”

Scott McClure Miller works with students in El Transito, Nicaragua.

Inspired by last year’s class, fifty 8th grade students have been asked to pick one LMS Pride Core Value, and create a short documentary film illustrating their understanding of that value in themselves and their daily lives. Within ethical parameters and the project requirements, the students will be given creative license to design their own film projects, shoot all their own footage, write and record a narration, and edit their project.

With the help of Brendan Armstrong, a 7th and 8th grade teacher and Mark Perry, LMS’s Technology Integrator, students will begin by writing an essay about one of the eight LMS PRIDE Core Values. Then, for two weeks, students will be led through the steps to making an ethnographic documentary story using photography, video, audio recording and digital editing tools. Over the course the first week, Lindsay and Scott will teach: Ethics to Media-Making, Technical and Creative Photography and Videography, Story Development, and Introductory Film Editing. In the second week of the project, Mark Perry will guide the students through the process of editing their films.

In February, all students of Lebanon Middle School will participate in a Global Youth Storytelling film series during morning advisory sessions. Once a week for five-weeks, students will watch a short documentary film made by a World Story Exchange student from different countries around the world, including Cambodia, Indonesia, and Afghanistan. Films will highlight kindness, respect, and responsibility while allowing students to see how life is in very different places around the world. After each film, advisors will facilitate classroom discussion and reflection.

Students in Oaxaca, Mexico during a photo walk

The Lebanon Middle School PTO and the World Story Exchange invite you to become involved by making a contribution to support these cultural-exchange projects. A matching gift from the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation has been raised, however additional funding is needed. This year’s goal is $1,500. To learn more about how you can help, contact the Lebanon Middle School PTO email


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