A little bit about me

Ascutney Notch Farm ©LCurryMair2017

Hello! Who doesn't love a bit of nostalgia and a glimpse of the past? I spend my days living in my old farmhouse and caring for my horses, dogs and donkeys while finding enough time to create paintings of this beautiful life and all the things around me.

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I hope you will join me in my journey and travel back in time to a quieter, "gentler" place. Step away from the radio and the TV (and Social Media) and enjoy a little peace...

A few things that may be of interest to you: I do a "Weekly Painting" which is displayed each week on my website and at The Inn at Weathersfield. Each of these is available to purchase through a lottery system. If you send me a note saying you'd like to buy the piece, your name will go into a hat and a name is drawn at the end of the week. That person buys the painting and I ship it right out to them!

I also do a "Daily Doodle". This is my form of meditation each morning. Sometimes it's just something sitting in front of me or maybe it's a thought I had, or a project I am working on. You never know. Sometimes they are not very good. But I create them and post them anyway. It's a wonderful way to start my day.

This week's painting pretty much sums up my life. In the winter, I slog over to the barn to do chores. My faithful Golden Retrievers, Rollie and Devon, are at my side.

"Morning Chores" ©LCM2018

This piece is being drawn for a purchaser on January 30, 2018 at noon. The price is $275 (plus $15 s&h). If you would like a chance to purchase it, please comment, "I'd like 'Morning Chores' and your name will go into the hat.


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