Springfield couple charged with heroin dealing following sting operations

Rosales was convicted of drug dealing five-years ago when he was a teenager

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A North Springfield couple are facing heroin dealing charges following a series of “controlled buys” that were carried out by informants working with the Vermont Drug Task Force late last summer.

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    Daniel “DJ” Rosales, 22, and his girlfriend Shanice Nieves, 24, pleaded innocent this past week to multiple counts of sale of heroin before they were released from the courthouse on pre-trial conditions, including a court-ordered curfew for Rosales in his residence.

    Prosecutors also filed a habitual offender petition against Rosales which, under Vermont’s so-called “four strikes and you’re out law,” means that, in addition to the maximum potential 30 year penalty that he is facing with the new charges, the length of any prison term he might receive if he were to be convicted could now range up to life behind bars.

    Rosales, who is originally from Jersey City, New Jersey, was previously convicted in Vermont, back in 2013, of felony counts of heroin trafficking, sale of heroin and sale of cocaine.

Daniel "DJ" Rosales, 22, of North Springfield (in court in 2016) is facing up to life in prison on heroin dealing charges

    Rosales already had an open case working its way slowly through the court system stemming from a December 2014 traffic stop on Interstate 89 in Royalton where state police said they found a large quantity of drugs and paraphernalia in the vehicle in which Rosales was one of the passengers.  Rosales was not arraigned on that case until June of 2016 because police weren’t able to locate him but once he was eventually arrested in Springfield he pleaded innocent to felony counts of conspiracy to deliver drugs, possession of cocaine, and inciting others to commit a felony.  The next hearing for those cases is scheduled for March.

    The new charges allege that detectives from the task force were able to arrange purchases of “bundles,” or 10 bags at a time, of heroin from Rosales and Nieves last year on three different occasions during the months of August and September at public locations in Springfield.

    Detectives wrote in their affidavit that the couple drove to public locations in Springfield together along with their longhaired Chihuahua to carry out the transactions where they allegedly passed the drugs to informants out the window of their car in exchange for cash “through a handshake.”

Bags of heroin with the street brand "Jet Blue" that police say Rosales and Nieves sold to an informant in Springfield

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