Questions from an Eleven Year Old

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Earth Wind & Fiber

What is it you do, Mom? 

I am an artist. I also write a lot. 

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What kind of artist? 

I work in ceramics. I’m also a painter. 

What pictures have you painted? 

Trees are a main subject. Some sort of Rural Modernism, I’m told. 

So what do you write about? Do you write about life’s questions?

Haha! I do! I write about my observations of the world around me. I tell stories about things close to me, like farm tales and our impact as humans on the earth and on each other. I have started writing bits and blurbs on my website.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing in earnest, since I was 15 years old.

That’s a long time ago.

Yes, it would seem so. 

Do you write stories?

I write essays about life events and people I have crossed paths with. When I worked at the co-op I would write articles for their newsletter and for publication in retail and health magazines. I am also working on a short existential play as well as a collection from my time on the farm. 

What kind of ceramics? Like statues? Pottery?

A bit of both really. I throw on a wheel, and handbuild functional pottery. I like to carve designs in my objects. When I have time I like to sculpt the human form in clay.

Who do you work with?

At this point I mainly work alone. After I got my degree in Environmental Engineering I studied ceramics. In the early 2000’s I worked under Robert Abrams, Ricki Gill, Maija Williams and Bob Johnson out in California. I learned a great deal as a studio tech where I could observe what other artists were trying. I do have a handful of local artists who come play in my studio…or I in theirs.

Do you sell artwork or do you keep it lying around?

I try to sell it. I moved quite a bit of pottery and handprinted cards last year. There’s a lot of artwork lying around the house, it’s true. I also give a fair amount away.

Do you have any friends that do pottery?

Yes. Barbara Lane in North Hartland and a number of folks who work out of her studio, EarthStar Pottery.

What else do you do for work?

Seasonally, I work locally helping people reclaim and maintain their gardens or installing custom artistic gardens. I am always creating something and I hope I can find a way to earn more of a living doing that.

What pets do you have?

When I was on the farm we had a dog and some cats plus lots of livestock.  Goats, turkeys and chickens. Currently, I have two cats.

Mom, I would be okay with you including my scorpion as one of your pets.

My son and I also have a scorpion. She is almost two years old.


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